Creative & Efficient

Craftwood Kitchens design process is creative, efficient and detailed to ensure we deliver your dream kitchen. We use the latest kitchen design drawing software to allow you to view your kitchen in 3D. We build great quality kitchens which is why we guarantee them for 10 years.

Step 1

To begin call us on 0800 272 389. We will make a time for you to have a free consultation with one of our designers. If your project is a new build we will probably meet you at our showroom so feel free to bring your plans. If you are renovating we prefer to meet you at your house to get the best idea of your spaces, tastes and requirements.

Step 2

After our first meeting we will take all the information back to the office and create a 3D picture of what was discussed. Depending on our workload this will generally take between 2 and 5 days. We will either email the designs to you or make a time to meet in the showroom to discuss your thoughts. We aim to get the design right the first time but sometimes it takes a couple of changes to achieve the optimum result.

Step 3

Once we have a design that you are happy with, we will provide you with a quote. Budget is a vital consideration regardless of project size. With this in mind we are happy to refine the cost of your design and can generally reach a good compromise to retain what design aspects matter to you most. We have a broad range of options and can tailor to suit your project from manufacture of cabinetry only, manufacture and install or arrange the whole package including sink, tap, bench tops and appliances.

Step 4

Once you are happy with the design and budget the last details are ready to be attended to. If you haven’t been into the showroom yet now is the time to meet your designer at our premises to decide on colours, finishes, handles and any other personal touches you require. We can provide samples to take home so you can choose what works best with your current décor or simply provide you with time to choose at your own pace.

Step 5
Site Measure

With decisions made and design complete the next stage is a final site measure. This provides us with the exact measurements to build your new kitchen from.

Step 6

Your kitchen is now ready to go into production. At this point we require a 50% deposit to get the kitchen into manufacture and will provide you with a site copy of your plans. We work on a 3-4 week lead time depending on work load and style of kitchen. If you have chosen a solid surface bench top it will require an extra 2 weeks before the tops can be installed as they must be templated on the installed cabinetry.

Step 7

The installation process usually only takes a day, but we will discuss any variations if they arise. If you have a Formica bench top it can be installed the same day, however solid surface or some stainless tops will need to be templated. This usually happens the day after the kitchen installation is complete. The bench is installed approximately 2 weeks later usually by the supplier.

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